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About Starship Command 2

Starship Command 2 is a much-expanded (and currently in alpha) sequel to Starship Command, a persistent-world, massively single-player, real-time tactical starship simulator wrapped in an AI-driven 4X game. Starting with a lowly shuttle, you will trade and battle your way to victory, amassing a gigantic fleet customized to your liking!

What Is Meant by Massively Single-Player?

Massively Single-Player means when you start Starship Command 2 the first time, it will generate a galaxy with thousands of sectors, each with their own planets and economies. Then populate the galaxy with AI-controlled empires that will attempt to conquer every sector. The galaxy persists through every captain you play as. And you can swap between multiple captains and play both sides of a conflict.

The empires will create wars and alliances with other empires, and even break out in civil wars.

But What Do I Do?

Take command of a starship! (or a fleet of starships). Build a fortune by trading commodities, completing missions, collecting taxes from sectors and battle the other empires for glory!


  • Hundreds of empires (hand-crafted and computer generated) to play.
  • Thousands of sectors to colonize, trade with or attack.
  • Automated captain's log generation will note actions taken by you and later save the entire log to a file.
  • Persistent galaxy that stays through all captains you play as.

What is Currently Working:

  • Galaxy generation - All galaxies are based on moddable JSON files.
  • Moddability - In fact, all files are either JSON or PNG, making the game mod-friendly!
  • Empire AI - All empires will act & react to other empires, creating a dynamic galaxy that can span thousands of years.
  • Economy - Trading commodities between sectors and colonizing sectors.
  • Captain's Log - Working, but still needs polishing as more features are added to Starship Command 2.
  • Randomly-created ship hulls and components
  • Massive real-time, tactical, space battles - Possibly hundreds of ships battling, while balancing power usage, shield sections, weapon and shield frequencies, etc.

What is Planned:

  • Ship-boarding and capture - Beam aboard enemy ships and capture or sabotage while the battle rages on around you.
  • Job boards and scenarios - Standard jobs, such as take me here, bring this here, kill this guy, etc. scenarios such as moral dilemmas, logic problems, nemesis-battles, space-monsters, empire super-weapons, etc.

What is Planned for the Future:

  • Planet exploration - Beam down to a planet and explore the terrain, people and animals.

More information

Published231 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsExploration, Futuristic, Sci-fi, Space, Space Sim, Tactical
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityOne button


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MOD TOOL: Starship Command 2 Hull Previewer (v1).zip 225 kB
Starship Command 2 (Alpha Build 170523-1058 with Pre-Generated Galaxy) 27 MB
Starship Command 2 (Alpha Build 170523-1058) 16 MB
panels 14pt Font Mod 35 kB

Development log


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Is there a way to change resolution i'm missing? I am playing on a 4k monitor and I find the text too small to read, if i could scale it to 150% i could see it better.

I'm so excited to play this but alas I can not. :) Can't wait for the option though.

Hi! I don't have a resolution settings for text yet. But I went and made a mod for you to increase the font size. Just extract the files to \Data\Mods\Standard\GUI\panels\ and overwrite them. (If you're using the itch.io app the path should be %APPDATA%\itch\apps\Starship Command 2\Data\Mods\Standard\GUI\panels\)

It's a quick fix and probably won't look pretty, but it should get the job done until I put that feature in. I hope it helps!

P.S. 4k! I haven't tried it on a monitor with that resolution! I'd love to know how it works!


Hi. my game just keeps closing on me. all the time it crashes randomly. can you try to fix this or give me tips to try to fix it myself. Thanks

Hi, happy to help.

Are you running the latest build (170318-0608)?

Does it crash mainly on one screen? Like the shipyards? or Combat?

And what are the specs of your computer?

Its a laptop. Dell Latitude 3350. it just crashes whenever

Hmm, thanks. That should be more than enough in specs. Can you tell me where the zip is extracted to? It may be a permissions issue or something similar. You could try extracting it straight to the C: drive and see if it works.

i download the games directly from the itch.io app. i dont know where the zip goes. sorry

Ohh! Thanks, I've never tried it through the itch.io app, maybe I can hunt down the crash through that.

I just uploaded a new version that should log the reason for crashing. If you could try it and after a crash, post or email me the contents of %APPDATA%\itch\apps\Starship Command 2\crash.log I should be able to figure out why it's not working.

New build is out for March 18th. Introduces a help button , improved field weapon graphics and AI and pirates. Write-Up Here.

There are way to many bugs and the one that I think is most important is when you try to buy ship hulls the game crashes.

I also noticed that you cant save a game once you create it.

I am using windows 10 if that is important information

Thanks, when you buy a ship hull, are you replacing your current hull or buying a brand new one (making a new ship)?

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

i'm buying new hull

Thanks, I'll get that handled!


I just uploaded a new version that should fix the new hull bug.


ok thanks!

New update for March 3rd introduces missions!

(Edited 1 time)

Hello, are you going to release this for linux as well?

I actually am planning a Linux support for the future (hopefully Mac also).

are there any jobs to pickup because i cant find any

Not yet, I haven't implemented that feature yet. It's actually the next thing I'm going to get working after the new build is out.

February 3rd: New build for small bug fixes, and a new upload containing a pre-generated galaxy.

New build for February 1st: Secondary weapons, Empire Farming, Tech Proficiencies and more.

(Edited 1 time)

New build! Only a month late! Early ship combat is now in the game.

New update. Fixed a few bugs, included crashing when buy hulls & weapons. And major performance improvement when processing empires.

i love thbe game!. bot thar are some things i think you should add.

1 a free cam mode so your not stuck to your ship.

2 a reseat button in the mean menu.

3 maby a custom ship maker (the more powerfull the more expensive).

thats mostly it


The free cam is something I plan to do. And the restart button is a good idea, too.

I've been toying around with a custom ship maker when in game, so I'll probably get around to it.

thank you!


Okay, I'm fed up with the bugs, now I'm going to list them to get them fixed.

When trying to buy ship parts, sometimes I crash. I mainly crash when buying hulls,new ships, and weapon parts.

When exploring, the blue outline or HUD goes away and lags then crashes. This happens when I explore solar systems. Also can you add something that can explore solar systems without going in the market, economy, etc.

Add keys that can control your screen, zoom, etc.

By the way, I just made an account just for this game! I liked it that much! I hope the bugs get fixed because I'm so fed up with it.

> Okay, I'm fed up with the bugs

:( I'm sorry.

> now I'm going to list them to get them fixed.

:) Yay!

Thanks for the bug reports, I'll hunt them down. May I ask what your computer specifications and operating system are? I've noticed an occasional graphic error on an Intel Graphics chip, that might be causing some of the problems. I do plan on adding keys to control the GUI, I just haven't gotten around to doing that yet.

I do plan to add more to do in the sector view, hopefully even landing on planets. But right now I'm working on ship combat which might take a little while to get up.

> By the way, I just made an account just for this game! I liked it that much!


I am on a laptop, running windows 10, version 1511, build 10586.633. Intel Core i5 M 520 2.40ghz. I think that this processor is so old that I can't run Directx 12.

Thanks, that's good to know! And your processor is newer than mine!

Whats your processor's name? I'm just curious.

It's a Core2 Quad 9550

New release only 1 week late! Read about it here


All that in 7Mb? How on Earth did you manage that?

I know right? When I zipped it up for the first time I was surprised. It's all through procedural generation. Other than a handful of graphics for the GUI (and eventually sound and music), it's all code.

I've been tinkering in the game all day. Enjoying it in this early stage and will be happy to see how it progresses. If I may make a suggestion? An option for 10x and 100x investments as it can turn into a real clickfest later in the game once you have a steady income of taxes coming in from all your colonies. Had to turn the volume down as the ding was irritating everyone.

Those galaxies, jeez, you're not wrong about being large. Don't think I've populated more than 1% of the systems yet. It's a very long term game if you aim to rule the galaxy (and who doesn't?)

Thanks, the 10X or 100X investments... is that for the sector development? I agree that needs to be reworked. And the button click sound does get annoying.

What size galaxy are you playing?

Yes, sector investments. After a day I had so many billions of credits I didn't know what to do besides just invest in my colonies, but a multiplier would have made it faster. 8 arm spiral - can't remember if large or huge.

Poking around, I could replace the sound file with something quieter for my own sanity

I'm looking forward to seeing it develop

Cool! Yeah, I'll actually add that in the next build (around Saturday)! And credits are going to used mainly in ships, as of right now it looks like a large, fully-outfitted ship is going to run 1-2 billion credits.

If I can ask, what are your specs and how does it run? I'm developing it on a Q9550 & GTX750, so I'd love performance reports.

New update for November 6th. See this post for details.

New update introducing FTL drives. See the write-up here.

Major update:

  • Buyable hulls and shipyards fundamentals are working
  • Travel log
  • Colonization cost penalty for each governed sector
  • Toggle-able fullscreen (Alt+Enter)
  • GUI graphic alteration
  • Updated hull weapon-point generation
  • Improved atmosphere graphic

ADDED: New captain screen now shows the base hull shape of the selected empire.

Dev update!

I got the starship hull generator able to make completely automated config files. Here is a picture of 12 generated hulls.