Free time is freeing up!

So, my work-load is finally dying down (during the evening/night) and I was wondering what do the players think I should add or work on.

Things I want to add are:

  • Missions/Jobs - Populate more things to do in the job board.
  • Stories - Make long arcing stories that would alter events in the galaxy
  • Alien Appearances - See what all the races look like (This might take a lot of time)
  • Planetary Landings - Walk around on the planets and do stuff! (This WILL take a lot of time)

What do you think? One of these? Something else?

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aliens appearances! i already use your ship generator for ideas when drawing, the alien appearances generator could really help as well!

That's cool! Could I see some drawings? Alien appearances is what I want to work on, so I'll probably start with that.


Hello i miss this game and you should work on planetary landings first ;) ahah!!!