July 23rd, 2017 - Interiors!!! Ship Boarding!!!

Interiors and Ship Boarding are In!

It's very, very rough right now, but ship boarding/capture is working! Wear down your target's shields, then beam aboard and slaughter the enemy!

Notice the "Board Ship" button is disabled because the target's shields are too high.


Wore them down! Now we can beam over!shipboarding-002

Take no prisoners! Then take the ship!

A few notes about ship boarding:

First, some interiors will have unreachable areas, for now you can press the "Page Up" key and your crew will "pop" over to the point under you cursor.

Second, there are no requirements for taking the ship. You can do so immediately after boarding. Ultimately you will have to go room-by-room and eliminate any hostiles.

Since interiors are still in a super-alpha state, I'd suggest NOT playing with them unless you are feeling adventurous. That said, any feedback or bug reports are very appreciated!

There is still much more work to be done, such as furnishing the interiors with computer terminals, cargo containers, bed, chairs, etc. and better optimization, bug fixing. Eventually, races will be implemented, so enemies will have different move speed, health amount, healing rate, sight distance and more.

But, the basics are in and working. So, go forth and capture some ships for your empire!

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