August 8th, 2017 – Ship Boarding! Capturing!! Furnishings!!!

Ship Capture is Up and Running!

Interior generation, room furnishing, ship crew AI, and ship capture gameplay are all working! It took a while but I'm happy with it, so happy, that even in the alpha state (with no real optimizations) since pathfinding, FOV, drawing performance, etc. all work so well that I think planetary landings and missions are going to wind up in Starship Command 2!

Here's a video of me capturing a ship:

Enough Bragging, onto Gameplay!

The last build has a simple explanation. This build introduces grenades, med-packs, and life sign detectors.


When selecting where to throw a grenade, the game will auto-pause by default and un-pause upon throwing it. When you're selecting where to throw the grenade, an explosion preview will show you where you'll be guaranteed to have the explosion hit. The explosion is shaped by walls and furnishing and can destroy said furnishing.

Throwing the grenadethrow-grenade

Exploding the Grenadegrenade-explosion

Detecting Life Signs


Detecting life signs will "ping" all enemy crew members and show you their current location. Unfortunately, "pinging" them will also alert the crew to your location. So it'd be wise to only use it when you're fairly sure you've killed most of the enemy otherwise you'll get swamped.

There still are some errors with the generation of hull interior, so I've kept the "Page-Up" key to jump you to the cursor's location.

The Future

This is probably going to be the last major feature for a while. Ship capturing has been the goal I've been aiming towards for the last year. So, I'm going to be focusing on bug-hunting, polishing, GUI rework, and a tutorial.

Eventually, I'll get back to adding more features I want (because there's a lot more). But it's time to do some maintenance.

So go out and forcibly take some ships from the enemy!


Starship Command 2 (Alpha Build 170808-0925 with Pre-Generated Galaxy) 28 MB
Aug 09, 2017
Starship Command 2 (Alpha Build 170808-0925) 16 MB
Aug 09, 2017

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